This Dedicated Fans the Gives HIMYM Season 9 Finale a New Ending

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead but for those of you who have completed HIMYM Season 9, congratulations, it's been one crazy ride. Season 9 was terribly boring while the series finale on the other hand, was very emotional.

The big reveal was that the focus of the story was really Aunt Robin and not the mother. The sad, less than fairy tale ending had fans -- including Lindsey Lohan -- outraged.

One fan created a version of the ending that should have been the real ending. The short chip emphasizes the first meeting between Ted and mother without revealing the harsh realities of their lives together. The alternate ending gives viewers hope. We watch television to experience happier versions of our own lives so perhaps the sitcom should have emphasized a happily ever after ending instead of a reality check. Regardless, you can enjoy this alternate ending and pretend the real one never happened.