The Himalaya Spice Containers will Pique Your Senses

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: peleg-design
Designers know that every item in your home is an opportunity to create visual and functional delight; these Himalaya Spice Containers demonstrate how even the smallest and simplest objects can be infused with lighthearted life. This is a set of four vessels by Peleg Design, capable of holding all sorts of flavorful recipe enhancers and inviting you to create your own lovely culinary landscape.

Salt and pepper are basic ingredients that will give the mountainous jars white or blackened hues respectively. You might decide to fill the clear conical containers with bright yellow turmeric or fiery cayenne pepper, all pre-ground so that your seasonings can be conveniently sprinkled into saucepans or directly onto finished dishes. Simply remove the snowcapped lids of the Himalaya Spice Containers to expose the covered shakers' openings.