The Hidetomo Kimura Pop-Up Aquariums are Plastic Bag Shaped

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: lostateminor
The visually appealing Hidetomo Kimura pop-up aquariums feature one shaped like an over-sized version of the prized plastic baggies given away at carnivals with goldfish in them. The difference is that these giant fish tanks hold up to 1,000 goldfish each.

On display at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Japan, the aquariums come in different shapes and sizes with captivating lighting effects and fountains, as in the 'Oiran' tank, which spout water into a basin full of even more fish below. The impressively sized Hidetomo Kimura pop-up aquariums, holding over 5,000 goldfish all together, showcase the colorful fish as living artwork which is constantly in motion, captivating the audience with its unique display of lighting and movement.