The HEXI Responsive Wall by Thibaut Sld. Detects People's Motions

 - Feb 24, 2014
References: thibautsld & contemporist
Technology isn't about solely serving practical purposes anymore, but also aesthetically pleasing ones in order to enhance a person's life on a more emotional level; case in point, the HEXI Responsive Wall. It is an interactive art piece of sorts that responds to the movement of a person near it. Whether that means that the HEXI Responsive Wall creates mesmerizing ripples as a person walks past or more abstract movements, it is hard not to find the appeal in such a design.

Created by Thibaut Sld., a graphic designer hailing from Canada, the HEXI Responsive Wall is one of many "self-initiated projects where
geometry, light, mechanisms and interaction collide," as written on his website. It is comprised of 60 moving modules, which are made out of vacuum casted machined aluminium and PVC.