The Hexayurt Geodesic Dome is the Perfect Nomad Desert Refuge

 - Mar 23, 2011
References: & gizfactory
When it comes to keeping cool in a discrete desert shelter, you really can't get anything more perfectly adapted to the needs of a nomad than the Hexayurt Geodesic Dome.

Designed to be easily built from an 8 x 8 isosceles triangle, the Hexayurt Geodesic Dome employs simple and easily manipulated materials like cardboard, plywood, plastic and insulation in order to provide users with a cheap, efficient and structurally sound shelter that needs little to no maintenance.

Because the Hexayurt Geodesic Dome's reflective ceiling helps keep solar gain to a minimum, the shelter is ideal for those planning to stay in extremely warm and sunny places such as deserts for a prolonged period of time. By removing the need for air conditioning units or fans, the Hexayurt truly is a remarkable creation with unquestionable usefulness.