The Scorpion Hexapod Can Automatically Respond to Interactions

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: & gizmag
A group of students from Gent University in Belgium have developed a six-legged hexapod that is inspired by the scorpion. Aptly and simply named the Scorpion Hexapod, this particular device is capable of performing a number of moves as well as automatic responses to specific interactions.

The hexapod also features a long-range infrared sensor as well as a trio of short range sensors that can detect distance between the hexapod and its user.

The Scorpion Hexapod is truly an admirably innovative creation, and is set to be used as an educational ambassador helping to promote Gent University's industrial design program. This goes to show how robots and high-tech projects can not only be innovated to perform tasks or solve problems, but to raise awareness about the importance of technology in modern life.