These Herb Packages Were Designed to Reflect High Quality Products

 - Nov 15, 2016
References: carolin-dufner &
Designed by Carolin Dufner, these herb packages were designed to create a product that local markets and stores are able to use to reflect the quality of the products.

Rather than being offered for a specific brand, the herb packages are instead designed to signify that their contents contain foods that are the product of organic farming. They come in brown colors – made from either cardboard or paper – and are designed for a variety of herbs. The prismatic boxes and packages contain smaller, individual herbs while the typographic boxes contain longer herbs like parsley. The typographic boxes spell out the word 'herb' as well, making for a design that is very clear while still being playful.

These herb packages offer a unique design while simultaneously ensuring that they are showing off the quality of the products they contain.