The Tajima Seiryo Offers a Wearable Ventilator Solution for Hot Climates

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: japantrendshop
To help consumers cope in hot climates, the Tajima Seiryo is a wearable cooling helmet fan designed to help prevent heatstroke in balmy weather. The fan is a wearable ventilator that sits on the back of the consumer's head to provide a constant breeze. The idea is that the continual circulation of air helps to cool the wearer's body temperature to eliminate the potential of fainting from the heat.

The helmet consists of two parts with the first being a hardshell hat. The shell provides a fitted aesthetic complete with perforated edges for added ventilation. The helmet connects to a miniature fan that is powered with a lithium-ion battery to offer between eight to 18 hours of continual breeze on the wearer's neck.