A Grade Seven Class Impressively Puts the First Hello Kitty in Space

 - Feb 10, 2013
References: youtube & kotaku
For those who think that the adorable Hello Kitty brand is taking over the world, I have terrifying news for you: we officially have the first Hello Kitty in space.

The feat was accomplished by the Cornerstone Christian School's seventh grade class. Students put together a rocket with a Hello Kitty doll attached. They then mounted the rocket with sensors for temperature, air pressure, altitude, a GoPro camera for documentation and a weather balloon for lift. The balloon makes it to an astonishing height from the earth's surface before the balloon bursts due to the difference in air pressure. This project seriously made it to space, as the video clearly shows. A conveniently equipped parachute ensures that the first Hello Kitty in space didn't end up as the world's first Hello Kitty crater.