From Illuminated 8-Bit Shot Glasses to Edible Designs

 - Aug 19, 2013
Party shot glasses are essential celebration accessories for "cheersing" to the end of another fun-filled summer.

Whether you're someone who goes out every weekend or enjoys just a few nights out on the town with your friends, these glasses will definitely get the party started. When it comes to celebrating, gamers are definitely represented. The next time you throw a full-out games night fiesta, shoot back your favorite liquor with 8-bit shot glasses or ones that are decorated with your favorite superhero's cape. It's no secret that house parties definitely cause huge messes; to help lessen your cleaning load, serve edible shot glasses so your guests will unknowingly make tidying up a little easier.

Finally, if your close group of friends are getting together for a mini party, you can still have fun with classy shooters.