Creative Office Space

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: helix3d & helix3dltd.wordpress
A church, tree house, a cinema, derelict building, bunker, rainforest, waterfalls, cave, subterranean bar and even a military dormitory can all be found within this London (UK) based office space created by creative production company Helix 3D for a private client, images of this amazing space being released for the first time.

The brief for the project was to design a space that inspired creativity, created a feeling of awe when guests visited the offices and reflect the clients slogan of being "the biggest party on earth".

And it is not just the large scale set pieces which were inspiring. The level of detail requested were of an exceptional level with branded bibles for the church just being one example of this. When opened they simply contained the words blah blah blah blah, and were used at notepads by staff at the company.

Much fuss is made over the creativity of office space at high profile companies such as Google, but I think it’s fair to say these have blown all of that out of the water.

Implications - Does spending a lot of money of a creative office environment repay itself in the form of increasing creativity and innovation in staff. Research from the likes of Google and Pixar certainly support this, but also of note is the fact that high concept work spaces can also serve as a marketing tool for the company, creating a ready made PR story. If this then brings the company to the attention of new clients, and this interest is then converted into business, it seems like this is money well spent.