Hearing Rescue Ensures the Safety of People with Hearing Impairments

 - May 25, 2017
References: hearingrescue & adweek
The Hearing Rescue bracelet was created in a collaboration between the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the Deaf Association of Bangkok to help people in Thailand with hearing impairments.

There are currently more than 300,000 people in Thailand who have hearing impairments, and the purpose of Hearing Rescue bracelet is to ensure their safety at night. As most people with these types of impairments take their hearing aids out at night, they may not be aware if something goes wrong at night while they are asleep. The Hearing Rescue aims to resolve this issue, as it is worn on the individual's wrist and vibrates when it detects potentially dangerous sounds (like a fire alarm), and then wakes the wearer up so that they can act accordingly.