This Healthy Oil Enriches Morning Meals with Additional Nutrients

Supplements in the form of healthy oils are not uncommon, but Teutoburger Ölmühle is introducing a new way for consumers to fuel up before a big day.

The brand's 'Mein Müsli-Ö' is a cereal oil that's designed to be poured over muesli, bread, cereal or even cottage cheese first thing in the morning. A daily tablespoon of this fortified oil provides an assortment of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Rather than being masked as a flavorful addition to morning meals, this inventive food product addresses the maintenance of overall health first and foremost.

The healthy breakfast oil could serve to inspire a range of other oils that could be used to support a range of different functions, such as beauty or other health concerns, as well as other oils suited for consumption at other times of the day.