These Headphone Bookends Are a Great Accessory for Audiophiles

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: amazon & ohmythatsawesome
The assortment of bookends on the market is surely a touch overwhelming, but if you're looking for ones that will match your audiophile personality, then the Headphone Bookends are sure to be perfect for you. Crafted to look just like a pair of premium headphones that have been sliced in half, the Headphone Bookends also feature tiny vinyl records peppered on the sides and base to reinforce the musical nature of these bookshelf accessories.

The interesting aspect of the Headphone Bookends is how they will be able to adapt into almost any design aesthetic; whether your space is totally tech-focused or a little on the retro side, there's nothing that can transcend from decade to decade quite like the universal practice of listening to tunes.