Head & Heart Pocket Squares Give You Confidence Inside and Out

 - Oct 30, 2013
References: headandheartclothing & fubiz.net
Only you will be privy to the powerful messages of your Head & Heart Pocket Squares when they're tucked neatly into your shirts. These contemporary menswear accessories are about more than color, pattern and fabric, for they each feature an influential statement scrawled from corner to corner.

In elegant cursive typefaces that extend into lovely loops and curls, bold statements inspire the wearer to be the best that he can; "Let the Adventure Begin," "You Magnificent Bastard," and "Do Epic Shit," are fancifully displayed so not to be immediately readable when the handkerchiefs are removed and used. The three silk hankies come in limited editions of 300 each and are made by Head & Heart Clothing. They infuse a dapper dude's wardrobe with plenty of color, confidence and literal liveliness.