Tell Them How It is With the Haters Gonna Hate Wristband

 - Jun 24, 2012
References: shop.thesearethings & hiconsumption
Some may judge, others may praise, but the Haters Gonna Hate wristband lets you tell people they can take it how it is. The phrase originates from American hip-hop culture and has been popularized by the viral Internet meme world.

The white silicone band appears ordinary at first, but haters beware of the little message discretely embedded on the outer surface. For those who walk with an audacious amount of swag, a little hating is bound to come their way. The minimalist bracelets are subtle enough for even the manliest of men to wear them with pride and satisfaction.

Internet memes and phrases have transcended beyond their digital roots, inspiring a number of hilarious real world products. The Haters Gonna Hate wristband boasts an understated message for those with a brash attitude.