The Hasselt Court of Justice is a Contemporary Vision of Nature

 - Nov 7, 2013
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The Hasselt Court of Justice has been designed by Berlin-based architect J. Mayer H. who worked alongside the team from LensAss and a2o Architects. Embracing an aesthetic of retro-futurism, this geometry-infused structure is a modern translation of forms found in nature.

The newly-completed Hasselt Court of Justice is part of a community master plan that is set to revamp a former railway station with the addition of parks, public buildings and residential complexes.

Looking to Art Nouveau for inspiration, J, Mayer H. and the team from LensAss and a2o Architects created this bold and abstract architecture piece that boasts an angular facade. The building is made from a combination of perforated steel and glass materials that are branched to resemble simplified tree forms. This arboreal structure is home to courtrooms, a faculty library and vertically-distributed office spaces.