From Opulent Nail Adornments to Understated Necklace Designs

 - Nov 29, 2014
These November 2014 jewelry ideas range from opulent nail adornments to minimalist necklace designs that are both delicate and feminine in their design aesthetic.

While masculine streetwear brands are creating rocker-inspired ring designs for their consumers, high end labels are embracing simple bracelets and necklaces that reject overly ornate and opulent details.

Though chunky statement necklaces remain popular, smaller and more delicate neck adornments are beginning to rule the market along with bracelets and ring designs that are equally as subtle.

These understated November 2014 jewelry ideas are designed with the effortlessly cool fashion lover in mind. The accessories will appeal to those who love to accessorize with pieces that are not too over-the-top or distracting in their look.