The Harvard Sailing Team Do a Rendition of Holiday Gift Exchanges

 - Dec 24, 2012
References: drawnames & laughingsquid
The hilarious Harvard Sailing Team have created a ridiculous video about the awkward moments that occur during office secret Santa exchanges.

The video is full of zingers. The comedic group pokes fun at typical gifts, office etiquette and all the blunders associated with buying and giving gifts. Hilarious parts include the giving of several Starbucks gift cards. These moments express the unoriginality of supposed thoughtful gifts at the Holiday season and pokes fun at social conformity. Another humorous snippet is when one man buys underwear for his co-worker. Talk about inappropriate. This scene speaks out against office manners and faux-pauxs in the workplace.

The Harvard Sailing Team office secret Santa video is incredibly funny, awkward and packs in the laughter.