This Harry Potter Prank Asks for Directions to Hogwarts

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: youtube
This hilarious Harry Potter prank comes from Improv Everywhere, as the eighth instalment in its ‘Movies in Real Life’ series.

A small Harry Potter look-alike is made to seem like a young, inexperienced wizard who has not yet been to Hogwarts and is asking people for directions to Platform 9 3/4. Because of the popularity of the books and the fame the fictional gateway to Hogwarts, this must be something that people do all the time at King’s Cross Station, but this prank is conducted in New York.

What makes this prank so hilarious is the commitment to it and that entire time, "Harry Potter" is wheeling around a stack of suitcases, topped with a snowy white owl in a cage. One of the most hilarious encounters this mock Harry Potter has is with a tall redhead who plays along and introduces himself as Ron Weasley.