Happinet Hyper Ping Pong Doesn't Require a Ball, Table or Opponent

 - Jul 3, 2011
References: randommization & odditycentral
Happinet Hyper Ping Pong is no ordinary game of table tennis! The virtual game is all computer generated and doesn't require a ball, table or opponent. Following in the footsteps of the Nintendo Wii console, the Japanese game developers decided to take things one step further by eliminating the video component altogether. According to Oddity Central, Hyper Ping Pong is "a table tennis game that only features a motion sensor racket that emits the sound of a ball being hit by the invisible opponent. Players must find their rhythm and time their hits to the sound to continue their rally."

Implications - The invention of the Nintendo Wii game console revolutionized the video gaming industry and took gaming from a passive to active activity. Parents are eager to invest in these interactive games that promote athleticism and activity as a way of keeping children active while engaging in activities they enjoy.