These Hannibal Prints Give Serious Style to the Human Eating Killer

 - May 25, 2014
References: phantomcitycreative & theawesomer
These Hannibal prints are a perfect example of the strange obsession our society now has with the morbid and disturbing. From Dexter to Norman Bates and all the way back to the 30 deaths you'll see in any given episode of Game of Thrones, stylized death and disorder have become a norm in the modern sphere. With these Hannibal prints, we see this obsession take form.

Hannibal is on a very high tier when it comes to series recognition and popularity. While only just finishing up its second season, it's already sitting very high on the ladder.

These prints show up in the series and now to commemorate the second season finishing up they will be being released for public consumption (pun intended).