The Hannes Van Severen Wardrobe Sculptures Transform Armoires

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: & itsnicethat
The Hannes Van Severen Wardrobe Sculptures are an imaginative and dreamlike collection of armoires that have been transformed into fantastical objects. By cutting apart and stitching back together different pieces, Van Severen comments on the wardrobe's role as an object of magic, mystery and power in fiction.

Indeed, Van Severen says that he "deprives the object of its original functionality and allows its aesthetic value to prevail." He is correct when he says that these sculptures are no longer viable as pieces of furniture to hold your clothes. Some of your friends may question you for having half a wardrobe in your living room as a piece of art. The fact that they are asking you about and commenting on the work proves that the Hannes Van Severen Wardrobes Sculptures are worthy of discussion.