The Hangman Task Lamp Accommodates the Reviving of Your Devices

 - Jan 7, 2014
References: cb2 & betterlivingthroughdesign
It is a little bit unexpected that the Hangman Task Lamp should have the capacity to bring anything back to life. Specifically, this clever illuminator has been manufactured with a USB port in its base. You can plug your phone into it to restore your handset's battery.

Made from white oak that's been given a nice dark brown stain, the light fixture takes a shape reminiscent of the gallows. A single timber segment rises up and forward on an angle, supporting a smaller horizontal section in which the LEDs are embedded. It would be at this end that you'd expect to see a suspended noose.

The only visible rope, however, is the red woven electrical cord that escapes from the back of the Hangman Task Lamp. The Studio 1a.m. piece even provides a place on its base for your smartphone to rest.