The Hangman Coat Rack is an Amusingly Morbid Means to Tidy Your Things

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: micklish
The subject of the Hangman Coat Rack certainly expresses some dark humor but its simple execution makes it ironically endearing to behold. Curtis Micklish used just a handful of sleek pieces of metal to construct this eccentric clothes hook, assembled into the image of a poor little man strung up.

Square-sectioned tubular steel was used for the 6-foot stand and a coating of white paint makes this support nearly invisible against a pale wall. A couple of bends in the top of the structure terminate in the representational rope of the gallows. From here, the skinny image of a tiny yellow fellow suspends in mid-air.

The slender materials and the soft colors of the Hangman Coat Rack make it look as innocently two-dimensional as a chalkboard doodle. How would you feel about hanging your hat and jacket on this kooky contraption?