The Cacoon Hanging Nest Chair is an Adorable Getaway with a View

 - Sep 10, 2013
References: hang-in-out & blog.gessato
Taking a spin from the classic hammock, ‘The Cacoon Hanging Nest Chair’ is a pleasant pod designed by UK brand Hang-in-Out. But don’t let its flimsy look fool you -- these chairs are designed to carry heavy loads of up to 440 lbs. So, if you’re in the mood to relax, read, draw or listen to music, why not do it in one of these private swinging chairs with a view?

Hang it on tree limb in your backyard, while going camping or over the lake at the cottage! These versatile little nooks make for a perfect get-a-way from reality. Of course, you can make it a cozy get-a-way for two, if you please (remember its high-carrying capabilities!) Whether you’re in the mood for a solo escape or a fun hangout, the Cacoon Hanging Nest Chair is a comfortable option that comes in a variety of fun colors.