Hang w/ Can Live Stream GoPro Footage to the World Wide Web

 - Jan 16, 2015
References: hangwith
With live streaming becoming an increasingly popular mode for people to connect with each other, it's unsurprising that Hang W/ -- the pre-eminent live streaming social platform -- has caught on to the extent that it has several celebrity users and endorsers. However, the platform is now set to cater to a whole new demographic -- extreme sport enthusiasts.

This is made possible by an update to the Hang W/ operating system that allows it work in conjunction with GoPro cameras. Users can stream GoPro video live to the Internet, Facebook and Twitter.

Users can even combine GoPro cameras with drones to capture and stream live aerial footage to their social media following. Users can even narrate and chat with viewers from their phone.

Hang W/'s GoPro integration is set to take live streaming engagement to a whole new level, as legions of people around the world can enjoy spectacular footage and narration.