The Hang Up Lamp Curls, Connects and Emits a Sustainably Enabled Glow

 - Dec 7, 2013
The evolution of the light has gone from candle to oil lamp to electrical lamp, to the current point at which a standard aesthetic can no longer be expected. The Hang Up Lamp looks nothing like your typical modern light fixture, rather taking the form of larva.

The caterpillar-esque form suggests the piece of camping equipment's flexibility. The thick and bumpy material can be curled so that both ends easily close together around tree branches and ropes. When this is done, the circuit completes and the light produces a soft glow. To ensure that you'll get sufficient illumination from this 2013 Red Dot concept, you'll want to leave it in the sun during the day. The connecting band of the Hang Up Lamp features a ring of small solar panels.