‘Hang it on the Wall’ Laments the Extinction of Clas

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: harrythaler.it & ignant.de
Artist Harry Thaler creates works that are a direct reflection of how he sees the world, and with his 'Hang it on the Wall' installation project, he is making a statement about the speed with which technology is advancing.

The light bulb was such a revolutionary invention, yet with fluorescent lights and LEDs taking over, Thaler fears the classic light bulb may not last much longer. A nail going through delicate glass is ludicrous, forcing people to take a moment to consider this sculpture rather than take it for granted, perhaps reconsider letting it go altogether.

By physically nailing the bulb to the wall in Hang it on the Wall, Thaler is physically trying to hold onto this vital piece of history.