The Handmade Visualization Toolkit Makes Your Data Analog

 - May 6, 2011
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Columbia-based artist Jose Durate has come up with a remarkably clever way to visualize your favorite data: the artist created this Handmade Visualization Toolkit that can be used to create scale models.

The Handmade Visualization Toolkit is stocked with chalk, string, stickers and balloons all in a carry case for the budding analog data visualization expert on the go. Durate has used his kit to visualize Twitter's most high profile figures, the proportion of spam-to-actual-email sent every day (the figure is an overwhelming 9 out of 10 emails) and the rise of Internet users over the 2000s.

Jose Durate's Handmade Visualization Toolkit is interesting in how it addresses our involvement and understanding of the abundance of data that we encounter every day.