The ShockStop Absorbs Bumps and Vibrations On City Roads

 - Sep 27, 2016
References: redshiftsports & newatlas
The ShockStop is an intelligently designed bicycle handlebar stem suspension accessory that is designed to absorb energy when you're riding over bumps tin the road.

While shock-absorbing handlebar stems are perhaps most closely associated with mountain biking, the ShockStop is targeted towards regular road biking, which is why it isn't designed to completely eat up massive hits but is rather capable of swallowing minor bumps and vibrations. This handlebar stem makes a clear difference to your ride, gently absorbing vibrations associated with asphalt roads. The system is currently available for preorder for a price of $109, a significant saving over the eventual expected retail price of $139.

By reducing your forearms' own impact as a result of vibrations and bumps, the ShockStop helps you move faster while reducing your chances of suffering numbness and fatigue.