The VC500 Vacuum Gets into Hard-to-Reach Areas of the Car and Home

 - Mar 27, 2017
References: yankodesign
Those who live in smaller homes or who want a more precise way to clean their space can make use of handheld vacuums like the conceptual design of the VC500 seen here.

The VC500 features an expansive telescoping snout and hose that work to make cleaning crevices in the home and in the car far easier than with traditional vacuum designs on the market.

With technology items for the home getting more efficient than ever, the size of these products is beginning to shrink in order to satisfy preferences for better storage and usage. The VC500 acknowledges this and offers advanced functionality in a compact frame that doesn't require extensive space in order to be used. It makes precision cleaning possible without the need for oversized equipment.

The VC500 handheld vacuums are the design work of Yu-Chung Chang and Cheng-Yu Yang.