This Robotic Hand Washer Recycles Water After Each Use

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: robo-washer & gizmag
The Robo-Washer Revolution is a futuristic device, conceived by inventor Donal Vitez, that might just represent the future of bathroom hygiene technology. This machine is a more advanced version of its predecessor the Robo-Washer, and features some interesting improvements. This particular machine washes and dries your hands, but also recycles the water that is left over after each cycle.

This new and improved machine has a refined design and boasts a stainless steel body. Interestingly, the machine doesn't use soap at all and washes your hands using antibacterial water. The water is then filtered and disinfected after each use, before being recycled.

The Robo-Washer Revolution is clearly a groundbreaking invention and one that could find applications in a number of machines, ranging from washing machines and dishwashers to showers and water fountains.