This Hammock Tent by Tentsile is Like a Comfy Tree Fort

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Tentsile creates a hammock tent, which is a cross between a hammock and a tree fort.

The tent is suspended via three cables that attach to can be attached to nearby trees. Features include a drop-down ladder, quick assembly, floor hatch and side door.

Tentsile had a tent featured on Trend Hunter a while back, but this latest one is the new and improved version. What separates it from its older counterpart is that it's more compact and has a better ability to be mass-marketed.

The title of the hammock tent is very appropriate as the design resembles that of a stingray. It also floats similar to the species, except this one does so in the air.

Both the UN and Australian military are interested in the tent and it is thought to be a convenient way to create temporary housing during severe floods.