These Halloween Pillow Covers Add Creepiness to Your Sofa

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: etsy & thegreenhead
Those who enjoy Halloween or macabre design aesthetics are sure to love these Halloween Pillow Covers that eerily add a touch of ghoulishness to any bedroom or living room. Featuring a grey color scheme, the Halloween Pillow Covers come in one of two varieties: either featuring the silhouette of a screaming face pressed against the surface or of a hand imprint.

While the Halloween Pillow Covers are definitely appropriate for the season, they can also be incorporated into a room anytime of the year. However, it'll definitely take a certain level of courage to pull them off without scaring yourself or your family on a daily basis.

Available on Etsy, the Halloween Pillow Covers are simple, spooky and spectacularly creepy.