The British Antarctic Survey's Halley VI Resemble AT-AT Walkers

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: io9 & dvice
The Halley VI may look like real-life versions of the AT-AT walkers from 'Star Wars,' but they are actually modular research stations. Of course, the futuristic aesthetic is due in large part to the environment these stations are meant to occupy. Commissioned by the British Antarctic Survey, the Halley VI is created for research at the south pole much more bearable. Considering that the Earth's poles are the most brutal, unforgiving environments known to mankind, that is quite impressive.

Designed by Hugh Broughton Architects, the Halley VI has hydraulic legs to ensure the station isn't buried under snow. They are also outfitted with giant skis to allow the Halley VI to be towed to new areas. The red pod is for recreational activities such as wall climbing and gardening.