Black Harry Accessory Stand

 - Feb 2, 2008
Does this look like something out of the bottom of a shower drain? That's probably where the inspiration for the Black Harry, a hairball shaped gadget holder, came from.

The black hairs clamp around your iPod, cell phone and other gizmos, so you'll have to dig through the tangles to release them. It doesn't have to be restricted to electronics though. Why not wrap your soap bars and touch brushes in one for the bathroom? Or how about using it as a fruit bowl? It could certainly make for an interesting conversation piece when you offer guests to grab themselves an apple!

When it's first unpacked, the sculpture looks a little patch of black grass. It's up to you to sculpt your own pube clamps so you can make it fit whatever you desire. Could be a fun one to organize your cubicle at the office...

The Black Harry accessory holder costs 32,99 € ($48.85 US) at Design3000.