The Gypsiana Spell & The Gypsy Collection Photoshoot is Faded

The Gypsiana Spell & The Gypsy images are the latest to come of the fashion line. Model Emma Stern Nielsen exhibited the current pieces in this lookbook put on by photographer Jennifer Stenglein who obscured each snapshot with faded imagery.

This free-spirited photoshoot is meant to channel Byron Bay's shores in 1969. The theme is reflected in each picture as Nielsen sported oversize sunglasses, frayed denim and thick brown leather belts.

Stylists Isabella Pennefather and Elizabeth Brieis are responsible for this throwback display of apparel. In addition to their focus on decades past, the duo also incorporated modern elements with studded metallic booties, flowing maxi dresses and contemporary lingerie. This sense of diversity will widen the appeal of this set even further.