The Guy Fieri Parody Menu Serves Up 'Donkamole' and Doritos

Bryan Mytko and his Guy Fieri parody menu are lighting up the Internet after the former secured the rights to the domain name for the latter's new restaurant. Mytko secured the rights to the domain name for Fieri's new restaurant after the celebrity chef seemingly forgot to do so himself. What happened next is a hilarious lesson in why you should always, always own the domain name for your business or personal site.

The Guy Fieri parody menu includes such items as "Guys Big Balls" and "Football: The Meal." French fries can be ordered with "donkamole" or "Doritos" and the salad comes with "ranch hose" dressing. The menu is hilarious and a funny riff on Fieri's restaurant, which was slammed earlier in the year by a reviewer from the New York Times.