GUM Soft-Picks Advanced Are a Gentle Alternative to Flossing

 - Jan 5, 2017
References: gumbrand & dentistryiq
Flossing is a hugely beneficial oral care practice, but the GUM Soft-Picks Advanced offer an alternative that can keep teeth just as clean. The gentle, curved toothpicks massage the gums, dislodge food, and, most importantly, remove harmful plaque between people's teeth.

Though few would argue with the efficacy of flossing, many people forgo regular flossing if only because it's relatively tedious task -- especially during frantic mornings or sleepy evenings. The GUM Soft-Picks Advanced offer a far easier cleaning process, and their soft synthetic rubber tips are far more soothing than taut strings. Plus, the picks' new curved design makes it easier to reach the spaces between any teeth, even the molars.

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced come in sets of 60, meaning that consumers won't have to constantly stop by the drug store.