Stiletto advocate Guissepe Zanotti has unveiled his clothing line.

Guiseppe Zannoti is allowing consumers to wear his designs on more than just their feet with the recently announced Guiseppe Zannoti clothing line, 'Abbigliamento.' This capsule collection, for both men and women, will definitely pump up any outfit, as it is inspired from the world's hottest DJs and hip-hop scenes.

Since 1993, the famed shoe designer has set the bar (or height of the heel) high by dominating the red carpets with his uniquely designed shoes. Will we see him do the same with his clothing? So far, so good; the images released include leather tracksuits with gold detailing and textured patchwork.

Two leather jackets, both men's and women's, are now available online -- The rest of the collection will soon be unveiled in select Giuseppe Zanotti stores worldwide.