The Gentleman's Guide to Movember Infographics Dictates What Not to Do

 - Nov 8, 2012
The Gentleman's Guide to Movember Infographics dictates how and what kind of mustache men can grow out to support their cause.

At the beginning of November, each supporter, affectionately known as Mo Bros, start with a clean-shaven face, grow out their 'stache for the entire month and then, shave it off at the end of November. To some, this charitable month may seem like the perfect time to let oneself go and let the facial hair go wild.

Growing out the mustache is easy, but the facial hair must abide by Movember's rules, which means no beard, goatee or sideburns. The infographic illustrates a clear images of how each Mo Bro is to conduct themselves during this month. Although it seems like a lot more maintenance, this is a conscious effort to groom oneself in support for a worthy cause.