From Self-Shedding Hairbrushes to Battery-Powered Brushes

 - Jun 7, 2013
One of the best ways to keep your hair nice and tangle-free is to constantly brush it during the day and night, and if you're in the mood to add some quirky elements to the mix, then these uniquely designed hairbrushes will definitely do the trick.

While ordinary combs and brushes simply consist of regular bristles to brush through your hair, these creatively designed products have been outfitted with unique and out-of-the-ordinary features, making them much more amusing to use. From detangling hair brushes that conveniently sprays in a mist while you comb, to high-tech designs that help prevent the build-up of dandruff in your hair, these unique hairbrush designs will make the process of keeping your hair healthy much more convenient.