All Natural Brushes Packaging Includes Fruit-Inspired Tress Treatments

Hairbrushes are generally sold as mere tools for taming one's tresses with heavy-duty washing and styling products, but All Natural Brushes packaging approaches coif control from a more wholesome and organic angle.

Designer Jaqueline Magallanes wished to communicate to the target Hispanic and Latino consumers that their hair is healthier and more beautiful when a woman chooses to style it in a simpler and more natural way. The cardboard cartons for each of the four bristled combs where thus supplemented with clever recipes for food-based tress treatments.

Inspired by the almond, avocado, orange and coconut home concoctions, Helen of Troy All Natural Brushes packaging was infused with subtle tropical colors, lovely images of each fruit or nut and takeaway instructions on how to prepare the fragrant, moisture- and nutrient-rich balms at home.