The Gueuroz Bridge Hot Tub Hung Almost 200 Meters Up

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: gizmodo & dvice
The usual risks of jacuzzi usage are drink spilling and furtive urination by the guy sitting next to you, but this Gueuroz Bridge hot tub takes recreational soaking to new heights -- literally. A group of risk-taking bathers in Switzerland constructed their very own 15-seater tarp-lined barrel and suspended it from a gorge-spanning viaduct 613 feet above rough terrain.

But as you'd correctly assume, taking the plunge in mid-air is not quite as straightforward as slipping into a jacuzzi on solid ground. Each swimmer thankfully appears to be clipped into a harness, paired rather comically with a helmet. Not remotely a recommended activity for the faint of heart, taking a dip in this Gueuroz Bridge hot tub looks to be the sort of attraction exclusively for bungee jumpers and abseilers.