This Online Game Challenges Users To Pick The Most Famous Celeb

 - Nov 25, 2012
References: whoisthemostfamous
Who Is The Most Famous is one of the simplest, yet addictive guessing games on the net. The clean, straight to the point website provides gamers with the first name of a famous person and challenges them to input the last name, thus guessing the most famous person with that first name.

For instance, the game will give you "Brian" and ask you to think of the most famous Brian in the world. It turns out the most famous Brian isn't Brian Adams or Brian McKnight, but instead Family Guy's Brian Griffin.

This is just one of those guessing games that is brilliant because of how simple it is. The clock counts down as you think of your guess and once inputed, the top answer is revealed. Even if you guess a name that isn't the "most famous," you still get points based on how high your celebrity ranks.