This Guacamole T-Shirt Wants to Start a Revolution

 - Feb 12, 2015
References: pyknic & shop.nylon
This guacamole T-shirt by Pyknic speaks out against serious dining injustices. Emblazoned with the phrase, "Free Guac or Die" above an image of a skull nestled inside of an avocado, the tee comes out with guns a-blazing!

There are few atrocities in this life that are as severe as being charged extra for guac. That is a direct violation of the "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" clause of the Declaration of Independence, as far as I'm concerned. Certain things are a right, not a privilege, and guacamole is definitely one of them.

If you feel strongly about the the overage charges on your favorite dip, then speak out about it with this passionate guacamole T-shirt.