Lug Loc Slips into Your Suitcase Pocket to Keep You Connected During Travel

 - Apr 30, 2015
Tourists have enough anxieties about air travel as it is, so products like GSM locators alleviate some of the stress in transit. A product called Lug Loc is small yet offers significant confidence to consumers. Compact and capable, this tracking device sends signals to a smartphone app that enables you to keep tabs on your possessions at your departure and arrival airports.

Compliant to FCC and FAA requirements, this baggage tracker automatically switches off when it's experiencing vibrations. This way, while you're in flight, there will be no avionic interference. A passenger should be able to expect to find his luggage on the appropriate carousel, yet if it's ended up stationery for more than 12 minutes, an alert is sent to the owner's phone by the packed Lug Loc.