This Work Fuses Grumpy Cat Pictures with Famous Artworks

 - Sep 1, 2013
References: etsy & etsy
Etsy artist ‘SagittariusGallery’ creatively took several famous Grumpy Cat pictures and used them as inspiration to create a Vincent Van Gogh-inspired painting. The painting features a Grumpy Cat-inspired version of Van Gogh’s famous work of art, Starry Night.

Dubbed ‘Vincent Van NO,’ this painting is a collaboration of art history and Internet pop culture. Many Grumpy Cat pictures have surfaced showing a tiny gray cat posing with an upside down frown and a sour attitude. The pictures grown in extreme popularity this year alone and have caused quite the pop culture phenomenon. ‘SagittariusGallery’ decided to capture the famous Internet cat and paint him in Van Gogh’s famous quick stroke style. The result is an amazing version of Grumpy Cat painted into Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. The ‘Vincent Van NO’ painting is avaliable in prints.