The Moog Paul Vo Edition

 - Oct 16, 2008
References: moogmusic & popsci
Moog Music has created a groundbreaking electric guitar that is like no other. The American company, famous for manufacturing one of the world’s most famous synthesizers, has designed this innovative instrument which alters the strings to create limitless sounds.

According to Mike Kobrin, who reviewed the guitar for Popular Science, "The Moog’s pickups can actually change a string’s motion in three ways. In ‘sustain’ mode, the magnetic field pulses in time with a string to hold a note indefinitely. Or it can vibrate the strings: Just press against the fretboard like pressing the keys of a synthesizer. ‘Mute’ mode pulses out of sync with the string, cutting the note short for the crisp sound and feel of a banjo. ‘Controlled sustain’ dampens only the strings you graze by mistake."

The Paul Vo collector edition costs $6,495 and is available in 8 finishes including Tobacco Burst, Navy Mist and Tiger Eye. The remarkable guitar will no doubt keep many musicians spellbound for days and numerous neighbors suffering from sleepless nights.

Check out Lou Reed and others, playing the historic musical development in this video.